Neuroconsult bridges the gap between Neuroscience and applications for Industrial Design, Product Development, Marketing and others.

We measure EMOTION! ...without using a questionnaire


There is more to Neuromarketing than just fMRI studies and eye-tracking. The new generation of Neuromarketing is born and named NEUROCONSULTING. It offers a much wider perspective and additional tools 

download chapter about non-conscious processes
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Look inside the brain! : It knows more than it admits!

Using brain imaging methods to better understand the human brain does not manipulate it. Brain imaging methods only allow to "look inside the brain". Much of human decision making is based on non-conscious information processing. Most often we are not even aware of actually deciding all the time. Neuroconsult is able to investigate non-conscious information processing. Applied Neuroscience for Neuromarketing, Neuroeconomics, Neuroesthetics, Neuroscience (Cognitive Neuroscience), Industrial Design, Product Development,...!

Applied Neuroimaging : Measuring brain activities while stimulating the senses

Profit from the power of visualised brain activities related to your question of interest! Neuroconsult will inform you about suitable possibilities individually designed for you!Neuroconsult offers the whole range of brain imaging methods and stimulation techniques for all senses!

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